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My name is R. J. Kelly! I am a Registered Investment Advisor and Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc. For over thirty years, I have specialized in the diverse planning needs of closely-held business and professional families. Through our proprietary and comprehensive process, WLG helps clarify what matters most to clients. Having clarity brings a prioritizing of goals. Having crystalized goals brings confidence which inspires action and results. By using the WLG process, it brings peace of mind for addressing the ever increasing challenges of business and life. Coupled with our annual review process, planning and growth stays “on target” to reach higher levels of results and satisfaction. So, are you ready to plan a better and brighter future?

"Helping Successful Clients Achieve Clarity, Create Confidence

and Build Lasting Legacies For Over 30 Years"

"In 1981, I traveled with professional climbers to Nepal. Their plan was to climb Tawoche, the world's 5th tallest peak. While ascending to 18,000+ feet, I was struck by how clear a perspective one can have at that altitude, versus the busy roads below. Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. provides you with a "mountaintop view" of your situation so you can achieve your most important business and life goals."

Integrated Planning

Proven Results

Peace of Mind

Fixing "Messes"

"R. J. has helped me and my family tremendously in reviewing and analyzing everything we have accumulated over the years. His expertise and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us make plans on how to extend our inheritance to future generations as well as making a philanthropic impact. In addition to being a financial advisor, he is also a great friend. He not only takes the time to understand the financial aspect, but also takes the time to understand the family dynamics and individual personalities. I would highly recommend his services."
“R. J. Kelly has been a personal and financial advisor to me and to several foundations on which I have served. He has also assisted me in coordinating the involvement of my children in a charitable lifestyle and attitude. Using his training, background, and his natural abilities of communication and insight, R. J. has helped me achieve my lifestyle goals. Having R. J. as a trusted advisor and a valued sounding board has allowed me to make ‘good’ decisions ‘better’. I would gladly discuss my experience with R. J. Kelly with anyone who is considering using his skill sets and services.”

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“I’ve found QuoteActions give me a welcome break from my everyday routine – it helps open my mind and think in a more expansive way!” – Rick I.

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