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R. J. Kelly has a unique perspective of how to manage money. Whether it is a business owner preparing for an exit, a private investor looking to improve their returns or somebody trying to protect their wealth, R. J. has creative solutions for challenges people have had for years. R. J. is a Vistage Speaker, where he shares his knowledge with leading CEO's. His takeaways are actionable and impactful to all who attend! 
Dale Robinette
Innovative Exective Coach, Peer Advisory Group Master, Vistage Master Chair
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.
Great content, nice use of Power Point slides with brevity of words and good graphics, professional delivery style with good passion, informative tax saving strategies. THANKS AGAIN for making the trip up to O.C. to present to my CE group!! 
Bob Dabic
Vistage Chair
Master Chair - Orange County
Best Practice Chair - Los Angeles
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.
A Legendary Legacy

R. J. Kelly is genuinely interested in your well being. I know that may seem like a stretch, especially if you have never had the privilege of meeting and communicating with him, but please consider how he has encouraged, challenged, counseled, taught, strengthened, advised, coached and pro-actively collaborated with multitudes of people, yet still makes time for you. It is his passion, his calling, his joy, and his legacy!

The life and legacy of R. J. Kelly and all that has been done through his numerous entrepreneurial, personal, and philanthropic successes reminds me a bit of the movie “The Guardian.” In this movie, Senior Petty Officer Ben Randall, a veteran coast guard rescue swimmer played by Kevin Costner, overcomes his tumultuous past to pour his life into a talented, but scarred Coast Guard protégé Airman named Jake Fisher, played by Ashton Koucher.

Similarly, R. J. Kelly, (as a seasoned business professional,) has overcome many adversities in life and business. His “rescue mission” is to pro-actively, but gently, “swim” along side and “grab hold” of those struggling to survive the tumultuous seas of business and life, by providing practical and timely wisdom to those seeking advice. 

His love and devotion to God is the motivation propelling his desire to “Never let go” of his trusted friends. R.J. serves as a “Guardian,” not of some mystical presence, (like in the movie,) but by the love and grace he has experienced through the living God, Jesus Christ.

The movie “The Guardian” begins with an old sea legend of a mystical presence surfacing struggling swimmers to the seas surface, breathing life into their bodies while they are waiting for help to arrive. “The Guardian” concludes with the story of a man who lives beneath the sea, a “fisher of men” who serves as a last hope to all that have been left behind.

R. J. Kelly will be remembered as God’s businessman, family man, and entrepreneur who desired to “Never let go” in his passionate pursuit of loving others. I hope you have the privilege of meeting the living, “Legend of Legacy,” through the life of R. J. Kelly.
Wayne Schmidt
ESL Teacher
English Access
One glance at R. J. Kelly’s LinkedIn profile and Wealth Legacy Group website will quickly inform you that he is at the top of his game in terms of his professional impact upon the San Diego marketplace and how that impact has translated into making a tangible difference in lives of thousands of families over the course of his career. He is a true man of God, a servant-leader, a mentor and a friend...which is why he is my choice as my family's Financial Advisor now and for years to come. 
John Kenney
SVP, US Sales Operations
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.
"R. J. is one of the few Family Wealth Counselors who has a deep understanding of how to integrate the technical and relational. He's a true professional."
Tim Voorhees
Principal Partner, Million Voorhees Ziebold LLP
R. J. Kelly has been a personal and financial advisor to me and to several foundations on which I have served. He has also assisted me in coordinating the involvement of my children in a charitable lifestyle and attitude. Using his training, background, and his natural abilities of communication and insight, R. J. has helped me achieve my lifestyle goals. Having R. J. as a trusted advisor and a valued sounding board has allowed me to make ‘good’ decisions ‘better’. I would gladly discuss my experience with R. J. Kelly with anyone who is considering using his skill sets and services.
George W. Tillery
Founder & Chairman
A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.
R. J. has created a complete cadre of financial services that I find to be unique in today's marketplace. The breadth of planning skills coupled with his heartfelt drive to provide peerless service makes him a natural provider of choice to successful business owners seeking to maintain and grow their family assets and legacy. R.J.'s personal commitment as a Christ follower is evident in the "servant's heart" that he brings to his professional relationships.  
The late Mark Fingerlin
Missed greatly but not forgotten
R. J. is the consummate strategic trusted advisor. When putting together a team of advisors for a client, R. J. would be an excellent member of that team because not only of his high level of experience and expertise but also his caring and consultative approach with clients. As a result of his many years of experience in working with the wealthy, the client is immediately put at ease and thus feels comfortable in expressing his or her planning goals, objectives and maybe most importantly their concerns about such planning. Based upon my experience in working with R. J., I can whole heartedly recommend him to be part of an advisory team or for working with a client on an individual basis.”
Bradford Dewan
Miller Monson Peshel Polacek & Hoshaw
R. J. has deep technical expertise and at the same time is extremely personable. He is an expert at working through a 
myriad of issues including financial, estate, tax, accounting, 
and legal. R. J. is a professional and he is highly skilled at getting things accomplished. He has a successful track record of success and value his experience and his friendship. I would not 
hesitate to recommend him for his advice in wealth legacy issues and financial planning.
Douglas Wall
I’ve known R. J. for many years. My wife and I have hired R. J. to help us sort through the myriad of complexities in identifying goals and positioning for our futures. R. J. is an especially creative financial advisor and thinks way beyond standard approaches to financial planning. He has a broad suite of capabilities available to assist in everything from base investment advice to charitable giving to tax planning. It has been a pleasure working with R. J.

John Klearman
Corporate Finance Associates
Passionate. Visionary. Inclusive. Philanthropic. Compassionate. Leader. Helper. Caring. Articulate. Insightful. Inspirational. Wise. Seasoned. Professional. Listener. Inspirer. These are just some of 
the words that endeavor to capture the whole wealth advisory statesman, R. J. Kelly. I encourage fellow advisors, the Ultra 
High Net Worth and business owners to find for themselves 
what value he brings to their personal, philanthropic and business continuity needs.
Carl Sheeler, Ph.D
Managing Partner, Business Valuations, Ltd.
Allison Appraisals & Assessments, Inc.
I have worked with, collaborated with, and have known R. J. for a number of years now. R. J. is the consummate professional who always strives to put the client first and constantly exemplifies the highest degree of integrity in everything that he does. He is also one of the co-founders and the driving force behind The Center for Wealth & Legacy. I highly recommend R. J. for your consideration. 
You will not be disappointed.
William Exeter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC
R. J. Kelly and I have worked on teams together, with mutual clients and on professional Boards with one another. I highly endorse R. J.’s leadership and ability to get tasks accomplished. He is a true achiever. Furthermore, R. J. listens, sets goals and makes things happen in an ethical and exemplary professional manner.
Tim Rafalovich
Vice President, Wealth Management Specialist
Wells Fargo Bank
“R. J. Kelly is one of the most professional advisers I have ever worked with. He has solid values, an amazing work ethic, 
total commitment to his clients, and is one of the most 
organized people I have ever met. 
I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with R. J.”
Stan Padgett, Esquire
Padgett Law, P. A.
“I had the privilege of being referred to R. J. Kelly in connection 
with a wrongful termination case with Erisa (pension) Cross-overs. 
I found his knowledge of pension law abundant – specifically 
“top hat” plans and analysis for determining whether one is 
truly ERISA-compilant exempt. R. J. is an efficient and reliable source of knowledge. His attention to detail is not only prompt, but effective. I would, and do, highly recommend Mr. Kelly’s services to my colleagues.”
Kari M. Myron
Bohm Matsen Kegel & Auilera, LLP
"R. J. and his team at Wealth Legacy Group provide a comprehensive and customized plan for their valued clients. As a consulting firm that offers many products and options, R.J. partners with experts to provide the best for their clients. He and his team research all possibilities to be sure they present the right plan. His due diligence process is very thorough and efficient. He makes sure the options he is offering as well as the experts he trusts prove themselves before beginning a relationship.."
Stephani Lucas
President/CEO The Annuity Consultants
R. J. has advised on both business equity planning and insurance needs. He is responsive, timely, and provided good solutions.”
David Chong
Executive Director
Coast Care Partners
I have had the pleasure of working with R. J. in a professional capacity, presenting to an organization. He is a thoughtful, humble and an exceptional person who garners my best recommendations from a personal and professional perspective. Your time with R. J. will be well spent.  
Peter Freska, MPH, CEBS
The LBL Group
 I have known and worked with R. J. for almost two decades. He has served me well as a financial advisor, connector to people and resources and a friend. He has high integrity, is relationally strong and always provides incredible value.”
Ron Jenson
America's Life Coach
"R. J. runs an incredible practice that is thoughtful to the needs and objectives of his clients. His impressive background with his Master's in Tax and Advanced Financial Planning certifications are a real asset that his clients benefit from. Out of the many Financial Professionals I work with R. J. stands out above the rest with true depth and knowledge to benefit retirement clients."
Steven de Barón Prescott, CFP, MBA
Managing Director at Kingsbarn Real Estate Capital, LLC
R. J. has an incredible skill that one doesn't find very often: the ability to lead a team of hard-charging, Type A personality, successful leaders in their own right and do it in such a way that everyone feels involved, important, and that their ideas and opinions are priceless to the group. R. J.'s energy, drive and creativity are boundless, and he does everything with an efficiency level second to none. It's my pleasure to call him friend and know that I can call on him when needed and he'll be ready with answers, help, introductions and a smile.”
Joe Luby III
KEEP IT! Advanced Tax Strategies for IRAs
R. J. is a man of unlimited ability. His passion, ethics and consideration of others before himself puts him into a very select class of financial professionals. His aim is to care for others at levels beyond the scope of consideration by most people. His expertise is a premium added to his care of clients and others. I highly recommend you establish a relationship with R. J. Since I have come to know him I have witnessed a man living in the rare air of life; yearning to go higher and seeking to know more, all the while keeping his feet planted on the ground.”
Jerry Troyer
Executive Director

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Suite 114
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