"Wealth Legacy Conversations™"

Hear from leading business professionals as they discuss important topics 
and share interesting ideas of the current business world!

R. J. Kelly & Todd Stein What is the long-term care insurance, why should somebody own it?
When is the best time to buy it? And w
hat are the different options?” 

R. J. Kelly’s & Jim Floros  “Where Do You Go When The Pantry Is Empty? Addressing Food Insecurities In San Diego.”

R. J. Kelly & Sanjiv Prabhakaran“Increasing efficiencies in your business through technology & internal apps.”

R. J. Kelly & Jennifer Barnes “Growing a company through awareness of culture, clever hiring and training practices 
to achieve enviable growth of revenue in a remarkably short period of time.”

R. J. Kelly & Terry Moore “Real Estate Investment Advice from a Master!” 

R. J. Kelly’s Interview With Jerry Feitelson, one of America’s leading scientists on
“The potential role of technology to provide food security and help feed a growing global population.”

R. J. Kelly & Carl Vonderau “How Does A Private Banker Become An Acclaimed Author? The Role Of Creativity In Our Lives!”

R. J. Kelly & Joe Leventhal “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Courthouse…” 

R. J. Kelly & Steve Throop “What To Ask When Hiring Your Next CPA Firm!”

“Order Taker or Key Advisor? Attorney Joe Strazzeri Explains The Difference & Why It Matters!”

R. J. Kelly, Amy McNamara, Marc Posthumus, Mark DeMascole
“Trying To Time The Market For Commercial Real Estate Is A Bad Idea. What Works Better Instead” (4 parts)

R. J. Kelly & Max Bolka “Leaving Your Business When, How, and with Who, For The Money You Need.” 

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