Legacy Planning

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Philanthropy Planning:

One of our core strengths is assisting business owners and their families in wise decisions in the stewardship of their wealth. Guiding through personal example and from years of assisting clients in wealth and affluence, we will help you convert from being an “involuntary philanthropist” taxpayer into a “voluntary philanthropist.” We are well-versed in the vast array of philanthropic planning tools and have many resources that will be a benefit to you, and ultimately others too. Together we can transform the world in which we live into a better place – beginning with ourselves, our families, our employees and beyond.

Philanthropy is often an unexpected “glue” for families. It can make well-connected families stronger. It can bring disconnected families together through a shared purpose. Further, philanthropy, which I define as “intentional giving,” has been demonstrated to be one of the best teachers of character. It can break the cycle of selfishness that seems to permeate much of Western culture today … the sickness I have heard described as “Affluenza”.

R. J. Kelly is a philanthropist himself. He is the Co-Founder of The Center for Wealth & Legacy, an eight-time marathoner, he has raised $35k for Leukemia-Lymphoma research through his running. His life goals include facilitating directly or indirectly $1 billion to charity (he has recently reached the $100M mark), serving overseas in Liberia & India.

Contact us to discuss more about your philanthropy planning and your legacy planning.

Conflict Resolution:

We help by creating a “Family Council” to prepare heirs for a successful transition. Family Councils are an excellent way to create an open dialog, establish trust, and address “head on” those issues that make up 95% of wealth transition failures. 

R. J. has a unique way of assisting families and businesses working together in conflict resolution by using InterPlay which is an excellent tool to identify and clarify the communication, behavior and motivation styles of business team and family members.

One of his strong beliefs is a “have to do” for any company that is serious about long term growth and viability.

Additionally, as a Life Coach™ and accredited Interplay™ facilitator, he is skilled in handling delicate interpersonal matters and facilitating family communication.

Please let us help you build a strong team, improve communication and relationships for your business and family.

Tax Planning For Your Legacy:

Paying too much in taxes or setting the stage for higher estate taxes for your heirs? Let us review your tax situation. Or perhaps convert ‘involuntary philanthropy’ (i.e. taxes) to ‘voluntary philanthropy’ through charitable tax planning.

Capital gains taxes are … wait for it … voluntary. Federal estate taxes are … voluntary. Generation skipping, gift tax, and so forth are … voluntary. You don’t have to pay them as long as you support the social well-being of the country in a way that is, as said, in alignment with what is important to you … which could be your own family foundation.

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities to opt out of the “involuntary philanthropy”? You can direct the money you would have paid in these taxes towards “voluntary philanthropy”… supporting those organizations, causes and missions that you feel can make the best impact on the lives of other Americans.

“Zero tax planning” approach is simply utilizing the rules that are already in the tax law, but which only a fraction of advisors discuss with their clients, and even fewer clients are aware that these opportunities exist.

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