What You Don’t Know About EPLI and Wage & Hour Rules – Could Cost You Your Business!

As if business owners don’t already have too much on their plates … on today’s program we discuss two important issues: employment law, EPLI (Employment practices liability insurance), wages & Hours rules and commercial insurance. Ignorance of either one of these areas could even bring about the end of the business … and has for others! What am I referring to? In studio today we discuss disturbing developments in specific areas of employment law, and how to protect your business from frivolous litigation arising from various situations that can “come out of left field.”

To dive deeper into these topics, R. J. Kelly invited in Ken Rose, Principal at The Rose Group and Jack Landers, Senior Account Executive for Teague Insurance. The conversation centers around the mistakes business owners make in treating employees as 1099 workers instead of W-2 – meal breaks and other wage & hour issues – overtime pay along with the lack of business insurance customized for specific types of companies and their issues.

The Employment Law Expert:

Ken Rose has over 40 years of experience and is an employment law expert, investigator for workplace complaints, and mediator for employment disputes. He advises and counsel employers and executive level employees on employment law matters, a handle corresponding litigation for The Rose Group®, an international employment law consulting firm.

To contact Ken Rose, please send an email to krose@rosegroup.us or visit the website, www.rosegroup.us

The High-End Commercial Insurance Broker

Jack Landers is a Commercial Insurance Broker with 18 years of experience in San Diego. He respects and values the work it takes to own and run a business in California. Jack greatest concern is the business owners’ perception of insurance coverage. His goal is to help owners understand its value and bring them expert advice. Whether you are a small or a large business, having the right kinds of commercial insurance is the most affordable way to protect your company from potential risks and claims.

To contact Jack Landers, please send an email to jlanders@teagueins.com or visit the website, www.Teagueins.com

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