Success Is A State Of Mind!

 Do you have the right attitude to achieve success in business? How would you like to reach your highest and most audacious business goals following six simple steps?

Success comes with confidence and attitude, and to reach your goals in life, requires a positive attitude to keep on going on the path of success and not lose focus.

Max Bolka, a 33-year veteran of the financial services and co-author of the book “Success Is a State of Mind – Building A Foundation for Your Future” believes that success is 100% inner fulfillment and 100% outer achievement. On the show, Max discusses how to work on your personal development and how to break through the fear, lack and struggle expectations we typically have – to find your inner fulfillment and attain success in your business.

Previously, as an investment advisor, Max developed and served a nationwide planning and investment clientele. Today he “Builds First-Class Financial Advisors” of all kinds through his dynamic speaking, insightful writing and comprehensive business development mentoring program.

After working with an investment banker in 1982, Max started his own independent financial advisory firm, with clients residing from New York to Hawaii. Simultaneously he became a student and practitioner of Ayurveda (EYE-ur-VAY-dah), the 5,000-year old science of life from India. Today, he unites these two diverse areas into a coherent, successful consulting practice, where he teaches Financial Advisors how to define and achieve their highest goals. If you wouldlike to contact Max Bolka, please feel free to send him an email, call his office at (828) 713-4116 or visit his website,

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