Estate Planning for Blended Families – Prenups – Postnups – the Importance of Clear Communication

Now that we have your attention … we didn’t really talk about gun collections, but did cover the waterfront on estate planning for blended families, prenuptial & postnuptial agreements, and the importance of clear communication. As our three extraordinary professionals shared with us, the number one reason for divorce in America is lack of clear communication. In all marriages, but especially in blended families, good communication is critically important when discussing emotionally charged topics, such as children from a prior marriage, finances, who gets what and when, etc. Before the “cracks in the marital foundation” appear, listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Emily Bouchard, Emily Chase Smith, Esq. and Denise E. Stich, Esq. Listen in as the three guests discuss the importance of clear communication when dealing with estate planning for blended families, prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements. They also provide ways to bring this subject up and effectively communicate it without traumatizing your partner. Emily Bouchard is a family, wealth, and money coach. She is a licensed therapist and managing partner of Wealth Legacy Group, LLC* in San Francisco, where they specialize in the emotional impact of wealth in people’s lives. She is a leading expert in blended-families, and family business dynamics. She and one of our other guests, Emily Chase Smith, Esq., have co-authored the book The Beginner’s Guide to Purposeful Prenups. Contact Emily Bouchard at (360) 991-9558, send an email to: or visit the websites or As a twenty-year veteran in the legal field, Emily Chase Smith, Esq. has seen firsthand how the breakdown in interpersonal relationships can lead to protracted and expensive litigation. The “cracks in the marital foundation” happen long before attorneys are called in to resolve issues. She has devoted her practice to the prevention of divorce and even strengthening of relationships, particularly through prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Author of The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur, and Navigate the Money Maze of Running a Business, Emily is also co-author of The Beginner’s Guide to Purposeful Prenups. If you would like to contact Emily, you may reach her at (949) 218-7812, or send an email to You may also reach her at After Denise E. Stich, Esq. retired from the U.S. Navy in 2014 as a Captain with command and senior headquarters staff experience, Denise and her husband moved back to their favorite duty station of San Diego. She joined Naimish & Lewis, APC, a specialized family law firm with a cross-over practice in estate planning, trusts, and probate. With her new position, Denise quickly transitioned from giving legal advice to military commanders on operational and military justice matters to a civilian legal practice in which she focuses on estate planning, trusts and probate matters. If you would like to contact Denise you can reach her at (619) 523-9900 (Point Loma Office) or (619) 233-9500 (Symphony Towers Office), send her an email to or visit the website * Disclosure: Although they have similar names, Wealth Legacy Group, LLC in San Francisco is not affiliated with Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc. in San Diego.   Photo Credit: Heart Puzzled image by PIRO4D CC0 1.0 Pixabay added text to the original

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