Will You Outlive Your Retirement Income? (April 2015)

How long do you expect to live? When I ask people this, they invariably tell me how old their parents or grandparents were when they died… Wrong answer!  Because of …
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Does Captive Insurance Have Anything to do with Somali Pirates? – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

A captive insurance company is a self-insurance option that has become increasingly popular in smaller to medium-sized US businesses that are very profitable.  These “captives” historically insured workers compensation, medical …
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“The Thrill is Gone” for Prince’s & B.B. King’s Heirs – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

We interrupt our three-part article on “The 12 Pitfalls & Traps That Will Keep You From Retiring Well” to discuss recent events in the music world in this month’s Imagine …
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12 Pitfalls & Traps That Will Keep You From Retiring Well

What is the life expectancy of an American today who is age 70?  Did you know that it is now 97.4 years of age using a blended table of male/female …
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Do You Know What Questions To Ask For Your “Investment Audit?” (August 2016)

I recently met with a new client (let’s call him “Steve” – not his real name) to do an audit of his investments as well as the investments of his …
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Paying It Forward Never Goes Out Of Style – College Savings Plan

Several weeks ago, a client asked us how he could start a college savings plan to best help a grandchild with their college expenses, which prompted this month’s “Imagine That™”! newsletter.Whether your …
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Is Giving Thanks Once A Year Enough? (November 2016)

Gobble, gobble. Thanksgiving is a core American holiday where many get to spend quality time with their friends, family and loved ones, maybe watch some football on T.V., enjoy a …
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Do I Need Disability Insurance? (January 2017)

Statistically, it is three to six times more likely that your income will stop because of being too sick or hurt to work than being too dead to work.  And …
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Are You “PO’d” That You Don’t Know What A PEO Is? (February 2017)

Fifteen years ago, I was asked to consider hiring a PEO for Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc.  “A what?” I replied.  “A PEO,” I was told again by my friend.  “What …
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