The Devil is in the Details … Do you Qualify or Not? (February 2018)

Much has been made of the new 20% tax deduction for S corporations and LLCs in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  The 21% tax rate given to …
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When Can Borrowing Save You Taxes? (January 2018)

A client we’ll call “Joe,” owns several family-style restaurants in Southern California. Joe was recently contacted by a friendly competitor. The competitor was ready to retire and wanted to quickly exit the …
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Man with a Mission (October 2017)

Torn apart by a bloody and bitter civil war, the country of Liberia in West Africa is recovering slowly and painfully. Formed by freed U.S. slaves and just now emerging …
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Let’s play that popular game – “What is Janet Yellen Thinking?” (February 2016)

This time … it wasn’t the energy stocks as much as … wait for it … bank stocks are having their wheels fall off the cart. Huh? More in a …
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Once There Was A King (November 2012)

Once there was a king of a fair and far away land. The people of the kingdom were happy and industrious. The king had established his realm through hard work, …
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How Can I Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of My Business? – Fore! It’s Right Down The Fairway (February 2013)

How Can I Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of My Business? Well, capital gains taxes are … wait for it … voluntary. Federal estate taxes are … voluntary …
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“You Had Me At ‘Capital Gains Taxes Are Voluntary’”

I recently received a call from a long-time client who is selling a valuable piece of real estate. He was extremely frustrated by the enormity of taxes he will have …
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Are You Successfully Preparing Your Heirs for Wealth? (January 2015)

I was recently contacted by a successful restaurateur. He has a number of children in the family business, and some who are not. He was interested in minimizing or even …
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Using a Family Council to Prepare Your Heirs

Are you properly preparing your heirs for their inheritance? In January’s newsletter I shared of a discussion with a prospective client wishing to do estate planning for his $40M empire …
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