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The 10 Worst Financial Mistakes … And How to Avoid Them

I recently had dinner with a client who is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Although he is now a multimillionaire and no longer worries about money, his path …
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Is Compound Interest the Most Powerful Force in the Investment Universe?

Is Compound Interest the Most Powerful Force in the Investment Universe? By R. J. Kelly, CAP, ChFC, CEPA, CLU, MSFS, RICP, IAR, AEP | Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc. | San …
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Please Forward My Mail to Costa Rica!

Please Forward My Mail to Costa Rica! Clients of mine, a couple in their mid-60s, are in the process of selling their San Diego business and Del Mar home, and …
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Would You Like To Earn a Higher Interest Rate While Still Having Liquidity?

Earlier this month, I asked a client if he wold like to earn a higher interest rate while still having liquidity after he complained about the paltry earnings on his …
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Is ESOP the Guy Who Wrote all Those Fables?

Well … I guess that was Aesop, but still – is it just a “fable” that ESOPs should be considered by a business owner considering a transition or sale of …
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So What If the Heart Attack Comes Up Short?

Just last week, I received an urgent call from a client. He inquired about insurance to provide an income in the event of disability. As we talked about his sudden …
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The Business “Prenuptial” and Avoiding the Manure

Last week I was visiting with prospective clients who own a national business based in Texas. When I think of Texas, I think of longhorn cattle that leave behind a …
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Why Review Your Estate Documents?

When was the last time you reviewed your estate documents? If it has been awhile, you are not alone. Last week I spoke with a bright, successful entrepreneur with a …
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The Impact of a Single Life

During this holiday season, I would like to share the moving story of Louis “Louie” Zamperini, a man who endured inconceivable tragedy and yet in the end, chose to live …
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