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11/14/17 Business Exit – Transition – Succession Planning … “Watcha Gonna Do?”

For every entrepreneur, at some point they need to come to grips with a very important question. That question is, “what happens to this business if I am killed, disabled, and especially, one day want to retire from – or pass the business to – family, the management team, the employees or a combination thereof?”

On the show today, I have invited three talented friends who work in this space, Joe Strazzeri, Melisa Silverman and Shelley Lightfoot – partners in The Founders Group – to weigh in on the subject. The Founders Group specializes in assisting business owners grow the value of their company and address the many issues involved in selling or transferring a business. Since the time required to make a successful transition or exit is often 3-5 years, planning ahead is critically important. Today, only one in three businesses can be sold. Often, it is not sold for as much as it could have been if the owner had engaged the right team of advisors to assist in the sale or transition.

The team involved to successfully exit or transition a business will not fit into a Yugo! It takes more than just an attorney and CPA, but a highly skilled team of professionals from various disciplines to bring a successful exit to fruition. Click here for podcast.

10/03/17 Success Is A State Of Mind!

Do you have the right attitude to achieve success in business? How would you like to reach your highest and most audacious business goals following six simple steps?

Success comes with confidence and attitude, and to reach your goals in life, requires a positive attitude to keep on going on the path of success and not lose focus.

Max Bolka, a 33-year veteran of the financial services and co-author of the book “Success Is a State of Mind – Building A Foundation for Your Future” believes that success is 100% inner fulfillment and 100% outer achievement. On the show, Max discusses how to work on your personal development and how to break through the fear, lack and struggle expectations we typically have – to find your inner fulfillment and attain success in your business.

Previously, as an investment advisor, Max developed and served a nationwide planning and investment clientele. Today he “Builds First-Class Financial Advisors” of all kinds through his dynamic speaking, insightful writing and comprehensive business development mentoring program. Click here for podcast.

09/12/17 Will Your Business Survive “The Great Divide?”

What is the “Great Divide?” Which states are presently emerging as “the winners” in our economy … and which are not?

The US economy today – and especially the “Left Coast” – and most especially, the region of San Diego?

Are you creating a business that is simply competing on price, or do you give products/services that create an experience the buyer cannot obtain elsewhere?

In this show, Alan Nevin, an economist, demographer and futurist talks about his new book The Great Divide where he analyzes the demographic patterns that shape the world and the United States in particular. He will talk about the likely job skills necessary to make a foothold in this new economy.

Also, learn business tips from Bryan Haynsworth and Hannah Fleming, the 5th generation of San Diego Hardware store, the oldest family-owned business in San Diego, they will discuss how to survive in this day-in and day-out business world and how their family kept the business going strong for 125 years, generation after generation and surviving the economic changes. Click here for podcast

08/08/17 Is It Time To Reverse Thinking About “Reverse Mortgages?”

Under President Reagan, it was recognized that for many Americans, their single greatest asset is the equity in their homes. For those in or approaching retirement, tapping into that equity could make the difference between a comfortable retirement or one of just getting by. Therefore, in 1989, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) was created. Even through this was launched 28 years ago, the “reverse mortgage” has been used by a little more than 1 million Americans. It still remains a bit of a mystery, and has a “dark cloud” over it due to other products that were introduced in 2005 – 2008 that did not perform well. Today, however, more Americans that ever are using (or being approved for) a reverse mortgage. Listen to our broadcast today to find out why! Click Here for podcast.

07/11/17 estate Planning for Blended Families – Prenups – Postnups – the Importance of Clear Communication & Gun Collections

Now that we have your attention … we didn’t really talk about gun collections, but did cover the waterfront on estate planning for blended families, prenuptial & postnuptial agreements, and the importance of clear communication. As our three extraordinary professionals shared with us, the number one reason for divorce in America is lack of clear communication. In all marriages, but especially in blended families, good communication is critically important when discussing emotionally charged topics, such as children from a prior marriage, finances, who gets what and when, etc. Before the “cracks in the marital foundation” appear, listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Emily Bouchard, Emily Chase Smith, Esq. and Denise E. Stich, Esq.

Listen in as the three guests discuss the importance of clear communication when dealing with estate planning for blended families, prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements. They also provide ways to bring this subject up and effectively communicate it without traumatizing your partner. Click here for podcast.

06/13/17 Helping Clients Align Their Wealth & Values Through Philanthropy

Join host R. J. Kelly as he visits with Bill Super, CPA, PFS, AEP, MS Tax and Pegine Grayson, JD, CAP about the role philanthropy can play as the “glue” that holds a family together generationally. Why do 70% of families of high net worth disintegrate after simply one generation? The wealth is gone and the family ties are gone as well? What happens – and what can be done to keep this destruction from happening in the first place? What are the 30% of the wealthy families that remain intact doing that allows the wealth to be passed successfully and the family to remain strong? The research that has been done continues to point to one primary factor above all others … listen in as R. J., Bill and Pegine begin to “peel back the layers” on this important topic that is sometimes difficult to discuss. Click here for podcast.

05/07/17 Applying Leadership Tools to Create Engaged & Empowered Employees

As a business owner or CEO, it is easy to lose focus on keeping your team engaged. After all, bills need to be paid and clients need to keep walking in the door. But, if you keep bringing in all these clients and your team is not working well … it will be an issue. The more your team understands your business “why?” and their role helping the company achieve it, the better employees will serve your clients and overall performance in the business will increase.

You can choose to have employees working simply for a paycheck, or you can use leadership tools that will create an engaged and empowered business team that will work with you for the success of the company. Building a team that will work as if it is their own business takes hard work, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Listen in to learn more about how to build a winning team!

In this episode, R. J. Kelly interviews the author of the award-winning leadership book “Leading With Purpose”, Marc Koehler. Marc is the President of Lead With Purpose. Also on today’s program is Jeff Becker, President of Pegasus Building Services and Pegasus Cleanroom Services. Jeff has nearly 1,000 employees in his two companies and has by necessity tackled the complex topics of employee engagement, empowerment and encouragement. Marc and Jeff will also discuss leadership tools to build an outstanding team for your business as well as tips to work more effectively and turn employees into motivated team members. Click here for podcast.

04/11/17 What You Don’t Know About EPLI (Employment practices liability insurance) and Wage & Hour Rules – Could Cost You Your Business!

As if business owners don’t already have too much on their plates … on today’s program we discuss two important issues: employment law and commercial insurance. Ignorance of either one of these areas could even bring about the end of the business … and has for others! What am I referring to? In studio today we discuss disturbing developments in specific areas of employment law, and how to protect your business from frivolous litigation arising from various situations that can “come out of left field.”

To dive deeper into these topics, R. J. Kelly invited in Ken Rose, Principal at The Rose Group and Jack Landers, Senior Account Executive for Teague Insurance. The conversation centers around the mistakes business owners make in treating employees as 1099 workers instead of W-2 – meal breaks and other wage & hour issues – overtime pay along with the lack of business insurance customized for specific types of companies and their issues. Click here for podcast.

02/14/17 Trying to time the market for commercial real estate is a bad idea. What works better instead?

Did you know that trying to time the commercial real estate market is a bad idea? Learn about innovative ideas that have been helping San Diego investors grow their wealth, tips on commercial real estate loans and financing, and the best time to buy and sell commercial real estate.

Listen in as R. J. Kelly unpacks the secrets to making money in the commercial real estate market in a remarkable interview with special guests Amy McNamara and Marc Posthumus, Vice Presidents of Colliers International, and Marc DeMascole, Vice President of business banking at Wells Fargo.  Whether you own investment property or are interested in learning more about this lucrative market, tune in to this informative episode. Click here for podcast.

01/10/17 From the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship … Only the Strongest Survive!

Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ideas to build a successful brand & company. How do you keep the business thriving in a market that is constantly changing, and with competition that is more “competitive” than ever?

Listen to this fascinating dialog as R. J. interviews two of the fastest growing companies in San Diego: Krish Coughran, Co-Founder & President of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Ignite Visibility, and Mike Hess, founder and “Chief Brewing Officer” of the award-winning, Mike Hess Brewing CompanyClick here for podcast.

01/03/17 What To Do and What You Need When Applying for a Business Loan

What a difference a few years will make! Back in 2008 – 2010, it seemed like no one could get a loan for their business. Today, things are very different in that respect … banks are aggressively looking for businesses that need lines of credit, working capital loans, facilities & equipment funding, building purchase money, etc. Still, what does a business owner need to do prior to requesting a loan for their business? What documents do you need for a business loan? What information will be required? There is a process … and what is it? Further, what can you do to shorten the time between loan request submission and (hopefully) the funding of your business loan?

Listen in as R. J. interviews two “sides of the same coin”, Dave Kramer, Founder & Principal of Outsource CFO Services and Bob Jondall (Senior Vice-President, Umpqua Bank) Click here for podcast.

12/12/16 The Better Mousetrap

For those organizations in the substance abuse and recovery world – both non-profits and for profits – as well as a myriad of residential care facilities for children and adults, Flex Data Solutions, Inc. is bringing custom software solutions at a fraction of the cost of other programs. Designed by its two founders Dr. Mark Hopper, and Kent Henderson, ACSW between the two it represent some 80+ years of experience and pioneering expertise in the field of behavioral health and IT solutions to support it. Flex Data Solutions have software solutions for any sized organization, with the ability to implement changes rapidly – in some cases in the same day.

Listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Dr. Mark Hopper on recovering from substance abuse. Click here for podcast.

12/06/16 Making A Lasting Difference – One Life at a Time

On our regular program, we feature guests who are experts in areas to help us build our “financial wealth”. On today’s program, however, I interview three individuals that are very involved in philanthropy and are making a lasting difference in the lives of others … building emotional, relational and spiritual “wealth” in some of the most difficult places, situations and countries in the world. Listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Mariette Fourmeaux du Sartel, who is a volunteer through a ministry that reaches into one of today’s darkest places, the California prison system; Jill McManigal who is the co-founder of Kids for Peace; Herb Johnson who is the President & CEO of the San Diego Rescue MissionClick here for podcast.

11/22/16 Creating A Successful Exit or Succession Plan

Whether you are in business for decades or just “setting up shop”, you need to have a clear exit or succession plan in place – today! Why? The old joke is “some people die and some get older – but then there is you and me!” Unfortunately, that is not true … business owners die, become disabled, get divorced, slow down, or retire every single day … and you need an exit plan in place for each contingency and more.

Listen in as co-host R. J. Kelly, himself an expert in the topic of business succession and transition, is joined by Tanya Lee Scott, CPA, partner in the regional CPA firm, Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP and Mariel I. Estigarribia, Esq., shareholder in the regional law firm of Klinedinst, PC. They will “unpack” why business owners so often fail to plan for this critically important issue of business exit, and discuss the steps involved in creating a successful succession/transition plan. Click here for podcast.

11/08/16 Can you imagine a life without disease?

Can you imagine your life without disease?  What will it even look like?  Without disease, how long will you live and will your money run out before you do?  How will you live?  How should you invest today?  How much will you need to have in your retirement accounts if we are routinely living to age 120 – or older?  What percentage of your income are you saving now, and how much more do you need to save?  We will hear from two pre-eminent healthcare professionals on the front lines of radically extended longevity.

Listen in as R. J. dive in this captivating conversation with Dr. Bill Andrews, Founder and CEO of Sierra Sciences in Reno, NVSierra Sciences’ mission is to develop a drug that will lengthen human’s telomeres, and therefore, reverse our aging process, as well as cure diseases linked to aging. Dr. Stephen Wilson, the Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer of La Jolla Institute of Health and an immunologist.  The 350+ members of LJI are on the doorstep of creating a vaccine to treat not only the Zika and Ebola viruses, but also dengue fever, as well as various cancers and related heart disease. Click here for podcast.

10/31/16 So you think you have insurance to cover that? Really?

Many times, insurance coverage (personal insurance and business insurance) are sold to protect people and families or their company, only to find out too late that they are not covered for the loss. How does this happen? What can be done about it before things turn ugly? What should you do when your insurance claim is denied? Listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Insurance broker and Vice President of Patriot Risk and Insurance Services Larry Sukay, who specializes in commercial insurance, is one of San Diego’s preeminent out-sourced risk managers and Co-Founder of Franklin | Soto LLP  and  Attorney Josh Franklin, cyber law expert, insurance coverage and bad faith litigation specialist talks about how and why to define the risks you may face as a business owner. Click here for podcast.

10/11/16 If the “Ghostbusters” are not available, who ya gonna call???

Get tips on the real estate market and how to succeed as a CEO, valuable entrepreneur coach advice, and much more to grow and manage your assets. Learn about the difference between a real estate advisor and a real estate broker. Where does philanthropy and making a profit intersect? Tune in now and be a part of this interview. If you have questions, please leave a comment below and we will answer. Listen in as R. J. Kelly has an intriguing conversation between an expert corporate real estate advisor, Damian McKinney, Founder and CEO of McKinney Advisory Group and renowned CEO coach and mentor, Jerry Rollins, CEO of Sage Executive Group, LLCClick here for podcast.

09/13/16 Real Estate Rental Markets – What the heck is going on?

What the heck is going on in the real estate rental markets in San Diego and across the country? Why are rents doubling and even tripling in certain parts of the US, and will that be changing anytime soon? It sure seems like a great time for buying real estate that is income producing given low interest rates and the demand for housing, but can investors find a way to buy income producing real estate in San Diego and have it make sense? Listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Gary London, an analyst and strategic advisor and President of the London Group Realty Advisors joins us on the program, along with income property broker, Terry Moore, the owner of ACI Apartments Consultants IncClick here for podcast.

09/09/16 The “Three C’s” of Employee Engagement – and Why It Matters!

Do you own or manage a business? Or, are you a supervisor or leader in your company responsible for other employees, and their work effort? How do you get employee engagement today… with millennials and the other generations? Listen in as R. J. Kelly interviews Charlie Martin, an executive coach and leadership development facilitator, Founder and Head Coach of Think Change joins us on the program, along with entrepreneur, Nate Leathers, President of Green Guard ServicesClick here for podcast.

08/09/16 Making Sense of Medicare

Medicare is one of the most confusing topics today in individual planning. What is Medicare coverage? When can I apply for Medicare? Is Medicare part of Social Security? Do I have to do something to enroll in Medicare or does it happen automatically? Listen in to hear answers to these questions and more from Jim Robeson, founder of Robeson & Associates and Steve Lujan, founder of Lujan Insurance SolutionsClick here for podcast.

07/12/16 How Having A Patent, Copyright or Trademark Saved Civilization!

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews intellectual property attorney Ross Epstein, legal advisor and managing partner of TechLaw, LLP and learn how to protect your brand, and plan & grow your business. Protecting that creativity with the proper legal safeguards has never been more important. This is a different form of “wealth management”, but is all part of business planning and growing your wealth long-term. Click here for podcast.

05/10/16 Why Do I Spend So Much For Health Insurance & How Can I Spend Less and Get More?

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews two of the nation’s leading healthcare experts, Kristin Kahle, Ph.D. of and Bill Kampine, Senior VP and Co-Founder, Healthcare Bluebook.comClick here for podcast.

04/12/16 SEO & Internet Marketing

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews two of San Diego’s leading SEO, Social Media & internet marketing experts, Krish Coughran & John Lincoln, co-founders of Ignite Visibility, LLC., rated California’s #1 SEO company and one of the top two in the nation. Click here for podcast.

3/08/16 Venture Fund Investing in San Diego

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews one of San Diego’s leading venture fund investors/advisors, Terry Moore, of Moore Venture Partners, one of the few remaining active venture investors left in SD. And Mark McWilliams, who has a long pedigree in the venture space and is CEO of Medipacs, Inc., an emergent medical device delivery company. Click here for podcast

2/09/16 Value Enhancement – How To increase the value of your business

R. J. Kelly interviews Peter Sieffert, of Swiss Avenue Partners, and Peter O’Sullivan, of The 180 Group – two of the nation’s leading experts on the ways to build value in a business. Click here for podcast

1/12/16 Obstacles to retirement PLANNING

Hear from Dan Dubois, Managing Director at RBG, a 25 year veteran of the financial industry, and Paul Yossem, Regional Vice President at Nationwide Retirement Plans, with 18 years in the financial industry. Click here for podcast

12/8/15 Leaving a lasting legacy through philanthropy

Leaving a lasting legacy through philanthropy and how do you choose who to give back to?; Common misperceptions about philanthropy and giving back; The reality of philanthropy to make a lasting difference in families and the lives of others. Featuring guests Valerie Jacobs, MA, MFT of Chairwoman of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, and Adrienne Vargas, Vice President and Chief Giving Officer for The San Diego Foundation. Click here for podcast


11/10/15 Insurance Captives and Their Growing Role with Small to Medium Businesses

What is an insurance captive?; What are the limitations of a commercial insurance policy and how does a captive insurance company help to coordinate with a commercial insurance contract?; Capital formation requirements … how much money does it take to set up and run annually, and does that amount change with location of domicile or the number and size of actual insurance claims? Listen in for answers to the above topics and more as R. J. Kelly interviews guests Keith Langlands of Synergy Captives Strategies, LLC and Chris Jarvis of Jade Risk. Click here for podcast

10/13/15 Personal investment – trends & strategies

Hear from Ryan Dykmans, who is the Director of Research at Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc. (, and Frank M. Antalek, who is the President and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Sage Hill Advisory and Management, LLC (
Listen in as R. J., Ryan & Frank discuss Volatility, Portfolio Allocation, Case Examples and more. Click here for podcast

9/8/15 Life Insurance – new uses for an old financial friend

Featuring guest Gabe Lindemann of LifePro Financial Services. Click here for podcast

8/11/15 estate planning

Featuring guest S. Craig Stone II, Esq. Click here for podcast

7/14/15 Philanthropic issues, including the 1969 Tax Reform Act

Featuring guests Craig Sullivan, Esq and Lynda Sands, Esq. Click here for podcast

6/9/15 The Shape of San Diego Real Estate

Featuring guests Alan Nevin and Doug Taber. Click here for podcast

5/12/15 Buying, Selling, and Financing Your Home

Featuring guests Gordon & Diane Kane of Team Kane Realty, Inc. and Bill Burch of Residential Wholesale Mortgage, Inc. Click here for podcast

4/14/15 tax planning Strategies

1031 Exchanges featuring guest Bill Exeter. Click here for podcast

3/10/15 Living Longer: Accumulation vs Decumulation – Is your retirement plan READY?

Living longer … there is someone living today who will live to age 150 … what if that were you? Is your retirement plan ready to pay out that long?; Accumulation vs. decumulation phases – the differences between the two phases; How do we control risk? How do you diversify well to minimize the “ups and downs” – also known as “volatility” – in a portfolio?; If we invest in various assets … so-called “Non-correlated investment classes” … can we lessen the volatility in our asset holdings?; The need to keep a certain portion of our investment portfolio in equities and other growth type investments … or risk running out of money; Do only growth instruments have “risk” … or are there other forms of risk in all investments? What are the various types of risk? Listen is as R. J. Kelly interviews guests Sal Capizzi of Dunham & Assoc. and Stephani Lucas of The Annuity Consultants. Click here for podcast

2/10/15 Inaugural broadcast – Manage and Protect Your Wealth with the Wealth Legacy Assessment

On his inaugural show, R.J. Kelly, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. discusses the broad outline of future topics he will address on The Wealth Building Hour.  He also discusses the importance of a Wealth Legacy Assessment™, which is a tool that R. J. has developed to provide a roadmap to ensure that all aspects of wealth (including financial, relational, mental, emotional, physical, family and spiritual wealth) is protected through all stages of the business life cycle. Hear from Brian Mahoney, who is the in-house counsel of Wealth legacy Group, concerning several estate planning issues and strategies for titling assets.  Hear from Kathy Camper, who is the Office Manager of Wealth Legacy Group as they discuss philanthropic aspects of planning and the non-profit, The Center for Wealth & Legacy. The Center hosts five events a year, as well as provides a mentoring program for those wishing to grow in both their personal and professional skills. Click herefor podcast

R. J. with Guest Bill Burch

R. J. Kelly with guest Bill Burch in May 2015

Radio Show - RJ & Gabe Lindemann 1

R. J. Kelly with guest Gabe Lindemann in Sept 2015