Real Estate Rental Markets In San Diego – What the heck is going on?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Real-Estate-InvestmentWhat the heck is going on in the real estate rental market in San Diego and across the country? Why are rents doubling and even tripling in certain parts of the US, will that be changing anytime soon?

It sure seems like a great time for buying income producing real estate given low interest rates and the demand for housing. Can investors find a way to buy income producing real estate in San Diego and have it make sense?

Listen as Gary London, an analyst and strategic advisor and President of the London Group Realty Advisors joins us on the program, along with income property broker, Terry Moore, the owner of ACI Apartments Consultants Inc.

Meet the guests – Real Estate Strategic Advisor & Apartment Brokerage Specialist:

Gary London is President of The London Group Realty Advisors, a diversified real estate strategic advisory, development management, investment, capital access and analysis firm. He has a reputation as a prescient, forward thinker who translates opportunities (or problems) into profits.

Learn more about Gary London at The London Group Realty Advisors,  Contact Gary 619-269-4010 or glondon (at)

Terry Moore, CCIM helps real estate investors achieve successes that they could accomplish without his team. He is part of owner of ACI, Apartment Consultants Inc, the county’s highest volume apartment brokerage.

Terry is the only broker in the county to have won the Triple Crown of investment brokerage: Deal maker of the year, Transaction of the Year and Certified Commercial Investment Member, CCIM, of the Year.

Terry Moore can be reached at ACI Apartments,, 619.889.1031 or tmoore1031 (at)


Photo credit: House on Money by Mark Moz CC BY 2.0