When Can Borrowing Save You Taxes?

When Can Borrowing Save You Taxes? A client we’ll call “Joe,” owns several family-style restaurants in Southern California. Joe was recently contacted by a friendly competitor. The competitor was ready to retire and wanted to quickly exit the business. A very attractive, discounted price was offered to Joe, …
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Nov 2012 – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

Once There Was A King …Once there was a king of a fair and far away land. The people of the kingdom were happy and industrious. The king had established his realm through hard work, a clever head for business, and by providing needed services …
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How Can I Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of My Business? – Fore! It’s Right Down The Fairway

How Can I Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of My Business? Well, capital gains taxes are … wait for it … voluntary. Federal estate taxes are … voluntary. Generation skipping, gift tax, and so forth are … voluntary. You don’t have to pay …
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“You Had Me At ‘Capital Gains Taxes Are Voluntary’”

I recently received a call from a long-time client who is selling a valuable piece of real estate.  He was extremely frustrated by the enormity of taxes he will have to pay for the privilege of living in California!  Just how bad is it?  Would …
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Using a Family Council to Prepare Your Heirs

Are you properly preparing your heirs for their inheritance? In January’s newsletter I shared of a discussion with a prospective client wishing to do estate planning for his $40M empire. He was completely focused on the need for tools, techniques and strategies, and had not …
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Will You Outlive Your Retirement Income?

How long do you expect to live? When I ask people this, they invariably tell me how old their parents or grandparents were when they died… Wrong answer!  Because of the mapping of the human genome and other medical advances, life expectancy today is far …
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Why Are A Roth IRA And “Super-Roth” So Darn Attractive?

Last week I was contacted by a client who is receiving a substantial distribution from his retirement plan account. Given the fact that he will likely retire in a tax bracket equal to or higher than his current bracket, I asked if he had considered …
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“The Thrill is Gone” for Prince’s & B.B. King’s Heirs – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

We interrupt our three-part article on “The 12 Pitfalls & Traps That Will Keep You From Retiring Well” to discuss recent events in the music world in this month’s Imagine That Newsletter. One of B.B. King’s signature songs “The Thrill is Gone” could be the …
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Part 3 of “I CAN’T RETIRE …” – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

12 Pitfalls & Traps That Will Keep You From Retiring Well Welcome back to our last installment of a three-part article.  In the first and second installments, I had discussed eight pitfalls and traps that can keep you from retiring well.  Those reasons were: 1) …
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A Lifetime of Inspiration & Legacy…. – Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.

When was the last time you got so much positive news – on the TV, internet, radio, etc. that you just threw your hands up and said, “That’s it. I just can’t take any more positive news.”  Has that happened to you recently?  Or, is …
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