Have You Been Meeting Too Many Smart, Connected, Motivated People Who Genuinely Care About Others And Are Making A Lasting Difference In The World?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2017-lasting Legacy-Inspiration Awards

Don’t worry if you answered “no” to the title of this article.  You are not alone.  The primary reason why I co-founded the Lasting Legacy and Inspiration Awards™ was to counteract all the negative news in the media—on the TV, internet, radio, etc.—that overwhelms us on a daily basis.  While the recent Las Vegas killing of 58 people and hundreds more injured at a country music festival requires some media coverage, there are literally thousands of “acts of kindness” every day that do not get any media coverage.

Do you think our world would look a lot different if we were constantly bombarded with so much good news that sometimes it was almost too much to handle?  Imagine That™!

The Center for Wealth & Legacy’s Lasting Legacy and Inspiration Awards™

On Wednesday September 27th, the Center for Wealth & Legacy™, the non-profit organization that I co-founded and chair, presented its ninth annual Lasting Legacy and Inspiration Awards™.  Over one hundred people attended the event to connect—inspire—and challenge—by hearing stories of others in our San Diego community who are cultivating and living a spirit of positive social impact.  And, at the same time, it was a networking opportunity to meet others who care about making the world a better place.

This year, seven extraordinary individuals were selected as finalists for the Inspiration Award™.  An additional ten folks received Honorable Mentions for their outstanding service.  Not only did these giving people have a vision of how to help others in need, they acted and made change happen.  The nominees were honored for making our community—and our world—a better place.

The 2017 Inspiration Award™ Honoree was Kathi Anderson

Kathi Anderson was chosen as the 2017 Inspiration Award™ Honoree.  Recognizing San Diego as home to one of the busiest border crossings in the world, and home to over 35,000 adults and child victims of political torture, in 1997, Kathi co-founded Survivors of Torture, International (SURVIVORS).  Since then, SURVIVORS has served over 2,000 men, women, and children who have fled from over 80 countries where torture is prevalent concerning issues of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity, politics and defense of human rights.

SURVIVORS provides a holistic approach to help torture survivors in their recovery process, including mental health, counseling, social services, and medical case management.  Impressively, SURVIVORS accomplishes its results at a lower cost than Medi-Cal; and 90 cents out of every dollar received goes directly to support client services.  Because of such efficiency, clients find healing and hope so they can move forward with their lives and contribute to their families, communities, and society as a whole, with some even starting businesses of their own.  Learn more about SURVIVORS

Meet Kathi Anderson, the 2017 Inspiration Award™ Honoree:

2017 Inspiration Awards Honoree: Kathi Anderson, co-founded Survivors of Torture, International (SURVIVORS) from The Center for Wealth & Legacy™ on Vimeo.


Meet the Remaining 2017 Inspiration Awards™ Finalists:

The Tony & Alicia Gwynn Lasting Legacy Award™ was awarded to T. Denny Sanford

This year’s Tony & Alicia Gwynn Lasting Legacy Award™ was awarded to T. Denny Sanford, who is the chairman and CEO of United National Corporation, and the chairman of First Premier Bank.  Denny has created his fortune as the owner of two of the leading credit card companies in the U.S.: Premier Bankcard and First Premier Bank.  Denny’s motto is to “aspire to inspire before he expires” and he is doing just that.  While he has already given away more than $1.5 billion of his own money to philanthropic causes, four of Denny’s many charitable causes are shown below:

Sanford Imagenetics

Integrates genetics with internal medicine, creating a first-of-its-kind model of innovative primary healthcare for adults. The South Dakota facility has formed partnerships to develop new training programs to train the next generation of doctors, scientists, and nurses in genomic medicine. Learnmore at Sanford Imagenetics

Three courses are being run through the Sanford Education Programs at National University:

Would You Like to Get Involved and Give Back to the Community?

If you would like to help spread the good news about inspiring individuals and businesses in our community, why not join us as a Center “Actionator” or sign up to volunteer for a future Inspiration Awards™ event? Or if you are a business owner and would like to become a sponsor, we have several different sponsorship levels.

In addition to the annual Inspiration Awards™, the Center hosts tri-annual Leadership Insights Forum™ breakfast seminars, where those who desire business mentoring can interact with and be inspired by impactful members of the business community.  Please visit the Center’s website for more information.

Our upcoming event is the Leadership Insights Forum™  on November 15, 2017. It features Dr. J. Craig Venter, who is regarded as one of the leading scientists of the 21st century.  He and his team are responsible for unpacking and mapping the human genome, among other adventures.  Craig is an extraordinary leader with compelling and fascinating lessons to share!

Can you imagine if we all became as inspired as the Inspiration Award™ finalists and Honorable Mentions and took action that benefitted others?  What if next year’s article was about you and the lasting impact you are making for good – here and in the world?  Is there something more you could be doing right now to make a positive social impact?  What’s stopping you from making your dream a reality?  Let’s have a conversation about how you can accomplish your goals and make the world a better place to live in!

Imagine That™!


Photo Credit: Frank Colosi

Video Credit: Phil Ferrari