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Who is R. J. Kelly?

Bringing clarity and peace of mind for over thirty years.


Hi, I'm R. J.! I am a Registered Investment Advisor and Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc. For over thirty years, WLG has specialized in the diverse planning needs of closely-held business and professional families. Through our proprietary and comprehensive process, we help clarify what matters most to them. Having clarity brings a prioritizing of goals. Having crystalized goals brings confidence which inspires action and results. By using the WLG process, it brings peace of mind for addressing the ever increasing challenges of business and life. Coupled with our annual review process, planning and growth stays “on target” to reach higher levels of results and satisfaction. So, are you ready to plan a better and brighter future?



Latest posts

A “SIMPLE” IRA Might Be Just the Cure For the “Retirement Plan Complexity Blues”

Simple-IRA Retirement Plan Over the years, I have had many clients complain about the complexity of setting up and maintaining a retirement plan at work, whether it's a 401(k), 403(b), 457, or some type of pension plan.  When you look...

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Tips on commercial real estate market
Trying to Time the Market for Commercial Real Estate Is a Bad Idea. What Works Better Instead?

Did you know that trying to time the commercial real estate market is a bad idea? Learn about innovative ideas that have been helping San Diego investors grow their wealth, tips on commercial real estate loans and financing, and the best time to buy and sell commercial real estate. Listen in...

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Are You “PO’d” That You Don’t Know What A PEO Is?

Fifteen years ago, I was asked to consider hiring a PEO for Wealth Legacy Group®, Inc.  "A what?" I replied.  "A PEO," I was told again by my friend.  "What is that?" I asked, and wonder if you might have asked the same question.  With all the acronyms...

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“It Ain’t Salesy If It’s True”… The 10% Discount Is Going Away

Statistically, it is three to six times more likely that your income will stop because of being too sick or hurt to work than being too dead to work.  And yet disability insurance is often ignored in risk management.  Of all forms of...

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In 1981, I travelled with professional climbers to Nepal in their quest to climb Tawoche, the world’s 5th tallest peak. While ascending to 18,000+ feet, I was struck by how clear a perspective one has at that altitude, versus the busy roads below. Likewise, WLG provides you with a “mountain top view” of your situation so you can achieve your most important business and life goals.